Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Precision Restoration - The Traits of A Successful Car Restorer

Classic car restoration is not only about restoring a vehicle, it's about restoring the times of a bygone era. For hobbyists that restore these cars, it's a labor of love.

Now, you've found the perfect classic car, perfect model - it just needs a little work. But, where to begin? The hardest part of any auto restoration project is determining the scope of the project. Without clear cut goals and budgets at the beginning, you can easily find yourself in an endless and ongoing relationship with your automobile. Your money will rapidly transfer itself to your car, your time will disappear, and your automobile will never be quite finished - because you'll always find some other slight imperfection to work on and "fix".

There is no one right way to go about restoring a car. But good restorers do have common traits that separate them from the ones that never seem to finish their restoration jobs.

1. The ability to set realistic goals - No matter how long you take or how much money you spend, you will never be able to restore a classic car exactly to it's state when it was originally brought to the market. Body paints are produced differently now than in the past so while you can easily get a color match, you will never get an exact paint ingredient match. Likewise, the formulations of finishing materials such as varnishes, enamels, and so on are no longer the same. And the same is true for many of the other classic car components. So you, as the restorer, have to set realistic goals as to exactly what parts of the car you are going to restore to their original states and what parts of the car you are willing to restore "as close as possible" to their original states.

2. Patience - It may sound paradoxical, but without patience, your chance of finishing your auto restoration are slim. You need patience because a major restoration job is seldom without problems. You discover the fuel gauge is not working and you have to scrounge around for a replacement. Or, the electrical system is suddenly becoming erratic and you lose two weeks time resolving the problem. Without patience, you may well decide to just give up and abandon the project or leave it until another day that never comes.

3. Love of Research - A good restorer, by necessity, has to be a good researcher as well. A car restorer spends much of his time not actively working on the auto, but finding what replacement parts are needed for his classic car and locating them. There are times when you will find yourself literally doing research for an entire day. If you don't love research - or at least like it a lot - you can be sure of many miserable days ahead.

4. Good manual skills - This goes without saying but unless you love working with your hands and have some skills to speak of, you might just as well take your checkbook out and pay someone to restore the car for you, because you'll never get it done yourself.

It seems as though the hobby of restoring classic cars is having a resurgence but before you decide to take the leap yourself and outfit your garage with installation tools, make sure you have the traits that will let you succeed at your new hobby.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Muscle Car Restoration, Classic Car Restoration, Car Restoration

The words in the title are all words that I will start to try to rank for - Muscle Car Restoration, Classic Car Restoration, Car Restoration. These are also the keywords that Precision Restorations is trying to rank for as per their title tag. Let's see where a SEO little elbow grease gets us...:-)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Auto Beauty Specialists in Webster Groves, Missouri

Auto Beauty Specialists
The Midwest's Oldest and Largest Detailing Center

Detailing - Collision Repair - Paintless Dent Repair - Paint Touch-Up
Serving St. Louis for over 40 years

Auto Beauty Specialists
216 W. Lockwood Ave St. Louis MO 63119
Hours 8:00AM-5:30PM Monday - Friday

At Auto Beauty Specialists, we "detail" cars. "That doesn't mean that we just wash them or wax them or vacuum them." It means that we climb into every area of your car's interior and exterior that accumulates dirt and begins to show its age, and make it look new again. After over forty years of detailing cars, we can tell you that it's no small job. Remember that today's cars aren't made just of metal...They're vinyl, rubber, plastic, wood, chrome, glass, leather and cloth. We are extremely proud of our detailing process. It takes a good deal of expertise, the right tools and plenty of time. We don't skimp on any of these ingredients and we don't think you should either.

Check them out here - Auto Beauty Specialists

Friday, June 26, 2009

Best Twitter Post Ever!

# Name Dale Oestreich
# Location St Louis Missouri

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Good luck...:-)

Fun Image of the Week - Restored Camaro

Gotta love a restored Camaro...:-)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love Restored Classic Mustangs!

Just thought I would share a couple of images for your enjoyment!

Precison Restoration and Precision Restorations Keyword Rankings Updates

Just a quick heads-up, we have some ranking updates for key keywords:

Precision Restoration
My Blog - position 7 (Google)
Actual Site - position 2 (Google)

Precision Restorations
My Blog - position 9 (Google)
Actual Site - position 1 (Google)

I am catching-up, so you better get that SEO company in gear as this will really get embarrassing soon. Mike you do not want to let Dale down for a third time, do you? You can only cover up your mistakes so many times and if I were Dale, three would be the charm. Good luck buddy....:-)

Also, look for my very large link building campaign next week. I have quite the surprise for everyone.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Classic Car Studio - Precision Restorations St. Louis Missouri Competitor

While searching the web today looking at classic car restoration in my quest to take a free Blogger template from Google and very little SEO (small, but targeted efforts) and make it outrank Precision Restorations for key terms like, Precision Restoration, Precision Restorations,and many others I found this great company called - Classic Car Studio.

If you need any classic car restoration you should really consider checking them out. They appear to do incredible work!

Classic Car Studio Website Link

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Rankings Race for the Keyword - 'Precision Restoration'

Current Google Rankings for the Keyword - PRECISION RESTORATION as of 4/13/09.

New Precision Restoration News Blog - ranking 9
Older Precision Restoration Website - ranking 2

Incredibly both sites have increased in rankings in the last week or so. Please check back to see how the race goes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moving Up in Rankings for the Keyword - Precision Restoration!

Just a quick heads up that currently within Google if you search for the term, "Precision Restoration" the search engine results will show this brand new site in 11th place against the Precision Restoration company in St. Louis which current ranks in 5th place. My goal is to prove to them the value of good SEO practices and the utilization of good SEO services in order to help their site gain more traffic.

So, the quest begins! See you at #1 soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Restored Classic Car Images

Just some fun photos of restored classic cars I found while wondering around on the web. The owners appear to have some fun fixing these classics up. Hope you enjoy...:-)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Picture of Mike Marino (with Doug Jenkins)

Just found another great picture. This one is of Mike Marino when he used to work for Doug Jenkins (Precision Restoration now occupies the former Doug Jenkins business site).

Picture of Dale Oestreich!

Here is a great picture of Dale Oestreich from the St. Louis Business Journal (article titled - "Oestreich shifts gears to autos").

Precision Restoration in St. Louis, Missouri - Custom Car Restoration

Hello and welcome to Precision Restoration News! This blog will chronicle my quest to rank well for branded, Precision Restoration company terms that would allow me to share with Mike Marino and Dale Oestreich that their site really is lacking in search engine optimization.